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10 Things you MUST know About Dutch People!

Michel Minnebreuker
Michel Minnebreuker
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#1 Dutch people ask MANY, MANY questions

Dutch people know exactly what they want, when they want it, how they want to do it and why they want it. They don’t like open ends and will do anything to avoid unclear situations. The first step in this process, is to collect information and that’s why Dutch people ask a lot of questions….about everything!

If you are ever wondering why a Dutch person is asking so many questions, it’s because they want their plan to go as planned, without delay and without surprises. We want to be 100% prepared for anything that may or may not come on our path.

#2 Dutch people do not like to be told what to do

The Netherlands is one of the most liberal countries in the world. Dutch people are very keen on keeping there personal space and freedom to decide what they do and how they do it. We don’t like it when others tell us what to do, how to behave, what to eat, where to go and we don’t like it when other people enter our personal space without approval.

If you want a Dutch person to do something for you, the most stupid thing to do is to TELL him what to do. The best way is to ask him to do something and (very important) explain why you want him to do it.

#3 Dutch people don’t mind talking about A-NY-THING

There is no topic in the world that cannot be discussed with a Dutch person. We are very open and feel that any topic is open for discussion. Have a question about something sensitive, use a Dutch person to get a personal opinion. Don’t feel shy and don’t be afraid they will be shocked or offended.

On a more personal note….
For me there are some exceptions. I don’t like to talk about any political topic related to countries that I visit and I don’t like to have discussion about religion. The last one because it can be a very sensitive topic and the first one, because it’s not my place to comment the political situation in any other country than my own.

Don’t believe everything your read!

These people moved to the Netherlands and tell their experience.

#4 Dutch people are the best DRUNKS in the world!

Russians, Germans and OMG British people are so rude and annoying when they are drunk….unbelievable! Dutch people, however, are the most funny, calm and entertaining drunks on this planet. We are more polite when we are drunk, than when we are sober and the only thing we can think about when we are drunk is having fun and sex.

If you are hitting the disco or a bar with Dutch people, don’t worry about what will happen when they get drunk: the party will only be much more fun, because Dutch people are the BEST drunks in the world!

#5 Dutch people are great hosts

If you ever visit the Netherlands, you will probably experience the fact that Dutch people NEVER VISIT ANYONE without making an appointment first. Even when we want to meet close friends and family we will make an appointment.  We do this, because we don’t want to interrupt peoples live by visiting them without notice. We also want to avoid closed doors.

When you visit a Dutch friend or family and you have announced your visit, they will make sure that:

  • The house is clean;
  • The people are clean and properly dressed for your visit;
  • Your favorite drink is available;
  • There are biscuits (actually, there are always biscuits, but yours will be freshly bought);
  • They will prepare a special meal and keep your preferences in mind;
  • They will cancel everything and everyone else;
  • They will be available to you all the time…. we don’t step out for shopping;
  • They will entertain you. Television, music, drinks, food and of course long conversations about really EVERYTHING

When you visit Dutch people, you will feel more than welcomed and you won’t get bored for even a minute!


If you drop by without prior notice and without even a call to announce your visit, hold tight!  You will be dropped on the sofa with a glass of water on the table and the television remote control in your hands. Your host will continue to do what he was doing, hoping you will be gone ASAP. (you really should have made an appointment)

#6 Dutch people are straight forward

Dutch people don’t have the skill to create long and complicated stories before coming to the point. We skip the story telling and tell you exactly what we want to say, in the most direct way we can possible think of. Compare the answers to the question: What do you think of my new dress?

People around the world would probably answer something like:Wow, where did you buy that dress, did you go to that new shop on the corner?! I think the colour is nice, but I would prefer a bit shorter dress and hmm…. those butterflies…. I don’t know…..”

Dutch people will probably say something like: “I don’t like it”

Dutch people like to deal with issues in an effective way. Giving direct answers to your questions, is just a part of the whole efficiency thing. Do you need a straight forward answer? Ask your question to a Dutch person.

#7 Dutch people are charmingly rude!

Unfortunate, being very honest and direct, does come with a price. In many cultures it’s considered very rude to answer questions with a short answer.

Instead, the answers are hidden in a story and in many situations, the person who asks the question has to guess the answer!  For example: Do you want to drink a beer tonight? 

In many countries the answer can look something like this:Oh, today is Wednesday so I have to bring the kids to extra class. I also need to do some extra work and wash the car.”

It’s oblivious that the answer is NO, but the word NO is not to be found in the answer.

Dutch people find this very confusing. If the answer is a negative, Dutch people have no problem using the word NO. They actually prefer to hear the word NO to avoid any confusion.

So the answer of a Dutch person would probably look something like this: “No, sorry, tonight I can’t”

Please forgive us! We really have no idea how to produce a complicated answer to a simple question.

#8 Dutch people are ALWAYS on TIME

Dutch people are never late on an appointment. If you have an appointment with a Dutch person at 7 PM, he WIL BE THERE. If he is not there: sound the alarms, start searching, because something is definitely wrong!

Huh, maybe he just has a flat tire?

No, no, if something comes up, we immediately inform others that something has happend. We will let you know that we are a bit late and we will tell you exactly how many minutes the delay is. Dutch people are on a continues mission: ALWAYS BE ON TIME! 

Please note: everything in the Netherlands is ON TIME

If the train departure signs tells you the train will leave at 15:17, it WILL leave exactly on 15:17 and not a minute later. Same goes for the bus, the ferry and at the airport.

#9 Dutch people are very generous

We love to share our knowledge, our skills and even our money with everyone who needs it. The Netherlands is one of the biggest donators to development programs in the world. We spend MORE money on development projects than China, The United States and Japan all together and…. we don’t ask anything in return!

Yeah, I know, that may be stupid in your eyes, but that’s just the way we are. Dutch people believe that they have a  responsibility to share our skills, knowledge and wealth with people who need it.

#10 Dutch people are PROUD to be Dutch

Even though you may hear us complain a lot about the Netherlands, we do love our little cheese country very much. We are happy with our Dutch culture and we don’t ignore the fact that people in the Netherlands have worked long and hard to achieve some mayor goals: we have an excellent educational system, medical care and very well maintained infrastructure. Some of the biggest companies in the world are Dutch: Heineken, Philips, Shell and Unilever are all famous Dutch companies.

Just like any other country, The Netherlands has its own major issues  to worry about. However in general, the Dutch are a happy bunch of people living peacefully together in a little country.

Planning to visite The Netherlands?

Great choice as long as you keep these 26 things in mind that you should NEVER DO or SAY when you are in The Netherlands. 


  1. I lived in The Netherlands for 3 years and see n it all… It’s so true, amazing 😄 however one important think is missing…. The Dutch share all the bills to the exact amount. If you dran 2 coffees and your friend had five beer, you don’ slit the bill in half, but you only pay for the coffee…


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