What’s my thing?

Transferring knowledge and creating something new are two of my main skills. Especially when I can share my knowledge and use my skills with people who are developing their own set of skills.


On this page you can find out what I am doing professionally and you will find some links to my websites. Unfortunate they are all in Dutch, but hey: a picture tells more than a thousand words, right?!

WEBSITE DEVELOPER, specialized in WordPress & Joomla 

My customers appreciate me, because I normally respond to their questions within the hour, my work is good and I don’t charge them for every minute I spend on their website. They think it’s awesome that I am still willing to make some modifications on their new website, even months after completing a project.


My business model?  If I sell something, I have a customer for today, but if I help someone, I have a customer for life.



MAKING MONEY ONLINE as affiliate marketeer

There is so much money that can be earned online, I am sure I can find ways to get a little piece of that cake“. And with that goal in mind, I started to build a small network of affiliate websites. Affiliate marketing is a very challenging and complicated business, but can also be very profitable. I probably won’t get rich, but at least I will earn myself an extra cup of coffee.

TRANSFERRING KNOWLEDGE as a teacher or coach

I’m a no-nonsense kind of teacher: “sit down, do your work and make as little sound as possible. Make yourself intelligent, your parents proud and me NOT tired!” I’m specialized in behavior modification, classroom management, positive reinforcement and adaptive learning.

DISCOVER THE WORLD as a digital nomad

In 10 years time I visited more than 25 countries and successfully build my online business. I love to share my experiences and stories with people who like the idea of living a life as a digital nomad.