My dreams, wishes and fantasies

Every fool has his own rainbow and I am no exception. I have huge dreams, plenty of wishes and even more fantasies.  But, I’m also a realist. I know that every dream has an ending and life can stop at any time of day.


So I have reduced my dreams, my wishes and my fantasies to simple targets: be happy, be kind, do good and never try to be anyone else than the man I am today.


I  want to enjoy life and I want to travel the world….


Go places, meet people, do things and enjoy life as much as humanly possible.  No drama, no problems, no bullshit. A cheap backpack, a little bit of money and my old laptop is all I need to be happy and keep my online business running.


So basically, what I want is  to be happy, do good things and stay alive as long as possible…that’s not too complicated, right?